You spent months planning your nonprofit's big event and now it is behind you. You get to take a deep breath, enjoy your success, and think about something besides catering and raffle tickets for a while.

But there is one final step to officially wrap up this year's event: a post-event survey.

Post-event surveys allow you to follow up with your guests and collect feedback. This feedback will ensure that your events progress and grow. It is so valuable to learn what went really well that you will definitely want to do again, and what can be improved upon. A post-event survey will also help your guests to process and further absorb the event. Finally, it is an opportunity to encourage them to take further action with your organization. 


Survey Question Tips:

1. Keep it short and relevant; 5-10 questions maximum, and no long-winded phrases or jargon

2. Send the survey no more than 48 hours after the event

3. Encourage openness and honesty by allowing respondents to remain anonymous

4. Close with a call-to-action question such as: 'would you like to get involved as a volunteer?' or 'would you like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter?'

5. In your survey intro express gratitude to everyone who came and supported you


Yes or No Questions

Yes or no questions are the best way to start your survey. They are easy to answer and give you a baseline for the rest of your questions.

1. Would you recommend this event to others?

2. Did the event meet your expectations?

3. Do you plan to attend the event in the future?


Yes or no question example


Rating Questions

Rating questions are a great way to get more specific feedback. Ask your guests to rate different aspects of the event on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. A scale of 1 to 5 forces participants to lean towards good or bad since there isn't a middle number. 

1. How would you rate the event overall?

2. How would you rate the event location?

3. How would you rate the food?

4. How would you rate the entertainment?


Rating question example


Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions give your guests the opportunity to provide more detailed feedback and suggest specific improvements. 

1. Why did you decide to attend this event?

2. What was your favorite part of the evening?

3. What was your biggest takeaway?

4. What would have made the event better?

5. Are there any topics you'd like us to cover in future events?

6. Please share any additional feedback and suggestions.

7. What other events would you be interested in attending? Examples: a family fun day, a painting class fundraiser, or a bake sale. 


Open-ended question example


Closing Call-to-Action Questions

Your guests are likely to want to support your organization more than a couple of days a year. Reinforce the ways that they can get involved and be sure to include how they can take the next steps.

1. Would you like to commit to being a regular volunteer?

2. Do you want to subscribe to our monthly newsletter?

3. Are you willing and able to provide ongoing financial support?


Call-to-action question example


Creating and Deploying the Survey

SurveyFunnel is a simple tool that makes it easy to design and deploy your survey and then organize your feedback. SurveyFunnel gives you the ability to categorize respondents, which is helpful if you include a call-to-action and want to easily follow up with all of your yes's! SurveyMonkey also enables you to create and deploy surveys easily. No matter what platform you use, ensure that you are easily able to organize and store the feedback for your next event!

View our Sample Post-Event Survey!



Planning future events will be so much easier if you take the time to collect feedback now. Yes or no questions provide an easy start for guests, followed by rating questions and open-ended questions. Remember to keep the survey short and relevant and allow your guests to remain anonymous. Now you can take the feedback from your post-event survey to make your next event even more spectacular.