Golf fundraisers are the perfect way to raise money for your nonprofit while simultaneously offering a fun day for your sponsors and players. They are extremely popular, and for good reason!

But just like any other fundraising event, they can be difficult to organize. One of the most challenging parts is keeping track of sign-ups and arranging the teams; these tasks typically lead to excessive back and forth communication, and a lot of extra steps added to your job to keep it all organized.  

Common pitfalls like this can be avoided by utilizing a fundraiser management system, like TeamRegistration. Team Registration enables you to be prepared and able to host a fun and smooth tournament, with a lot less stress. 

How TeamRegistration can help you plan your next golf fundraiser:

You tell us how many teams you can have and how many people per team, and we will instantly create for you a public registration page that you can send to people or publish. 

Team hosts can register for your event, and they will be provided with a custom link to invite people to their specific team! They can email or text the link to their friends and coworkers so that they can sign up too.

All people who are registered can be sent a reminder in advance, which will also remind them whose team they are on. This way on-site check-in can be avoided.  

After your golf tournament fundraiser is a huge success you can then automatically send a thank you to everyone who attended, or you can ask for follow-up donations, or for feedback. Now you will also you have an attendee list that you can use next time to invite your hosts and players back again!